Professional Paid Preparer Edition - Online tax preparation and E-File for professional tax preparer.  No download. $4.00 per federal return; $4.00 per state return. Required valid EFIN. E-Filing programs are available for all states.  Free Online Support.

** FREE federal tax preparation, printing, & filing by mail for everyone.

1040Now has the most complete library of tax forms and schedules including itemized deductions, business and rental incomes, interest and dividend incomes, depreciation and much more. For 1040Now tax forms and limitations, click Federal / State Tax Forms.

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Log in to your account and work on your return from home, work, school or anywhere you use a computer with Internet access. You do not need to download or install software.

Just prepare and submit to the IRS electronically. Your refund should be processed within 2 to 3 weeks of the confirmation. 1040Now tax engine has been thoroughly tested and we guarantee its accuracy.

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